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Our Mission

MISSION: The mission of Hiram College is to foster intellectual excellence and social responsibility, enabling our students to thrive in their chosen careers, flourish in life, and face the urgent challenges of the times.

VISION: Hiram's students will be among those called to address the urgent problems facing our era. Answering this call will require timeless intellectual capacities for critical thinking, imaginative problem-solving, and reflective decision-making. Cultivating these skills in the foundational knowledge of humanity, nature, and their relationships, has been the essential core of the liberal arts tradition since its beginning in antiquity.

Hiram College commits to continuing the rich legacy of liberal learning for students, developing the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind acknowledged for over two millennia as both valuable in their own right and conducive to success in any endeavor. Throughout its rigorous core curriculum and specialized academic programs, Hiram College will emphasize the ability to think critically and communicate effectively, to engage in disciplined inquiry and autonomous learning, and to recognize the essential connectedness of all knowledge.

Liberal education has been traditionally concerned not only with developing the intellect, but also with educating the whole person. To this end, Hiram College attends to the emotional and ethical lives of our students throughout both the curricular and co-curricular life of the campus, promoting respect for diversity, understanding of cultural difference, ethical reflection, and the ideal of engaged citizenship.

We believe in addition that learning by doing and knowing through experience are critically important preparation for the complex challenges that our students will confront in their lives and careers. Hiram College therefore commits to providing students not only with rigorous and relevant preparation in their chosen areas of major study, but also with opportunities to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of their future careers through experiential learning, application of their new skills and knowledge to real problems, and attentive mentoring during the transition into their careers by both faculty and staff.

Because success will require rigorous preparation and superior effort, Hiram College expects the same of itself. Because our world sorely needs tolerance, civility, understanding and respect for diversity, Hiram must insist upon the same. Because solutions to the problems of our times can only be achieved through innovation, creativity, and boldness of vision, the College will continue to encourage and practice these, as it has since its founding in 1850.