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Burke A. Hinsdale Society

Join the Burke A. Hinsdale Society today.

One way we can all support Hiram College is by considering a planned gift. Planned gifts can be made in one or more of several forms, including simple will provisions; full or partial beneficiary designations of life insurance, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), or bank accounts; and charitable trusts or gift annuities that provide the donor(s) a lifetime income stream.

The first planned gift to Hiram College was secured while Burke A. Hinsdale was Hiram's president, over 130 years ago; and Andrew Squire, Class of 1872, donated his family homestead as part of his planned giving, which we have all known as "Squire Hill" (the current site of the Kennedy Center). Last year, planned gifts to Hiram College totaled $819,162.98. Such gifts made the following possible:

  • Endowments for scholarships, the library, and academic departments on campus were created.
  • Capital projects such as adding synthetic turf to the football field and converting Buckingham Place to an alumni welcome center were completed.
  • Day to day activities were made possible through unrestricted bequests to the Hiram Fund.

Is Hiram a part of your gift planning or estate plan? We are always available to provide alums and their advisors with information and ideas concerning the simple ways you can make planned gifts to Hiram College. Share your intentions with us today and help us secure the future of Hiram College. Contact us today.

Burke A. Hinsdale Society Members

Charles Adams '48
Gay Cull Addicott
David W. Ambrose '67
Thomas Andrews '59
Shirley Mills Blagdon Bailey '49
Roger Baldwin '69
Tom and Ling Barber
Cynthia Barclay '86
Elizabeth Barrett '43
Paul Barton '53
Donald L. Batisky '83
Randall W. Betz '75
Ruth Birskovich
Alan G. and Nancy H. Brant
Maynard Brichford '48
Richard and Mary Ann Brockett
Elvidio G. Bufalini '50
Anthony and Nina Caimi
Martha Harnar Cargo '39
Kathleen A. Coleman '87
Helen A. Conrad
Teresa Conroy-Roth '90
Ray and Flo Cross --/'63
Andrew C. Currie, Jr. '61
Kay Dawson ?76
Joseph M. and Viola C. Denham
Martha A. Derthick '54
Larry and Joyce Lewis DeYoung '69/'69
Helen Dix
Emily Drake
Charles B. Eames
William and Janet Falsgraf
Frank F. and Norma Larsen Fisher '43/'45
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Florjancic '91/--
Arlene Foote
Eleanor Baird Frey '49
Carolyn A. McNeal Frobase '60
Bill and Barbara Hinrichsen Gardiner --/'58
Rudolph H. Garfield
Nancy Bush Gassler '64
Stephen P. Glaze and Roberta A. Glaze '63/--
Sue Whiteman Goossens '53
R. Thomas and Gretchen Green
Geofrey and Helen Greenleaf
Charles G. Hague '64
Betty Jean Arnett Henderson '50
Gilbert Herman '71
Cecilia Hermann ?80
David R. Heym '53
Kenneth and Margaret Anne Olson Hilton '70/'69
 Jennifer G. Humiston '64
Abby "Jill" Spicer Jenkins '63
J. Philip and Norma Collins Jones '47/'49
Beverly (Betsy) Keefer '67
Walter G. and Billene A. Kilgore '00/--
William and Gwen Gibbs Kingzett '53/'53
Jack B. Kinsinger '48
Terry Kovel
Jacqueline Larsen Krabill '51
Lester L. Krause '40
Mary Boice Lancaster '59
Harlene Jones Lee '51
Raymond A. LeGrand '53

Karl H. Livengood '61
Louis P. Livengood '62
Herbert H. Mansfield '43
Donald K. Marshall '62
Michael L. Marx
Richard Perry Masters '58
Rev. Dr. Perry and Maureen Mattern --/'71
Dan and Jan Maxson '79/--
June Eschweiler McCauley '53
Wendell and Ruth Schuller Milz '40/'42
William R. Miner '45
Paul C. Molnar '87
Thomas and Ellen Monroe --/'64
William and Kate Moss '79/--
Glenna L. Neilsen '79
Kenneth E. Nesper, Jr. '71
Donald A. and Lillian B. Nunnelly '51/--
Andrew Q. Oldman '68
Julie Olds and Thomas L. Hellie --/'83
Nancy Carver Lorey '65
Jacqueline O'Neill ?69
Evelyn Woodward Oostenburg '43
Mr. J. William and Dr. Suzanne Palmer '65/--
Professor Sandra Parker
Rev. Norman Paskowsky
Edgar S. and Janet L. Peck '53/'55
Richard A. and Susan Brethauer Pejeau '66/'66
Mary Ann and Clifford Perry '60/--
Steven Daniel Petretich '64
Ken Pike and Damaris Peters Pike
Susan Pritchard Pilbeam '67
Maryann Kimpel Pou '48
Stanley M. Proctor
Howard and Sheila M. Ratcliff
Thomas and Dorothy Reuschling '64/--
Barbara Link Ribas '46
Marilyn Mattison Rice '61
 Robert and Michelle Greer Robertson '91/'91
Jamie and Mary Robinson '78/--
William Paul Ross '84
Diane Ruggiero '78
George C. and Delphine Turnbull Schneider '43/'44
Arnold G. and Linda T. Schuring
Richard S. Sechrist '51
Patricia Gibbs Shanower '50
Robert S. Shattuck '60
Daniel Slane
J. Philip and Susan J. Smith '63/'64
Mary Boyer Smith '39
William T. and Rebecca M. Smith '66/'68
Nadine Stafford '74
Michael J. Sterzer ?73
Bartholomew Timm '76
Jan Hopkins Trachtman '69
Jo Ann Murphy Underwood '55
Shirley Campbell Walton '48
Phillip L. Warburton '64
Paul J. Ward '71
Steven and Pamela West '67/'67
Donald J. Whitney '43
Marshall and Marjorie Foley Winkle '57/'58
Michael J. Wyatt '69